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Wholesale Disposable Vapes is a one stop online shop for the supply of wholesale vape products with fast dispatch and live stock inventory. Wholesale Disposable Vapes is a vape wholesale supplier that can supply you all your puff bar and e liquids needs at the best trade prices possible and we dispatch goods SAME DAY (subject to funds being received) without fuss using DPD Courier. Whether you’re an online retailer or a convenience store owner, we can provide you the best range of vape supplies at the best prices possible in the UK. To get started, simply click on the below link to get registered and a member of staff will contact you ASAP.


Once you have created an account with us using the above link, we will review your details and email you details in order that you may view our wholesale pricing. ONLY approved accounts will be able to view pricing and make orders on our website as we are a TRADE ONLY website. Account verification and approval may take up to 24 hours, but is usually within 1 hour.

*spend over £1000 plus vat in one order and receive 5% discount on all products in your basket.

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Wholesale Vape Supplier

Here at Wholesale Disposable Vapes, our goal is to provide trade customers with the low prices you typically benefit from when making bulk purchases, while also providing the easily interpretable user interface and high quality service that’s normally reserved for final customers. We want to be your first and only Wholesale Vape Supplier providing you the best prices and services possible in the UK for all your vaping products needs.

We can ship bulk orders on a wide range of products, whether you’re a small, local store looking to get started stocking vapes, or you’re a bigger shop looking to bulk up your range while benefitting from competitive pricing. Our founders have years of experience in the vape industry, so we know a thing or two about what commonly goes wrong, stocking only the best brands and products.

Why buy from our store?

There are a lot of stores out there stocking wholesale disposable vapes, and it can be tricky to know which one to go with. As a result of that breadth of choice, it’s inevitable that some providers will cut corners, selling either low-quality products or products that don’t meet the regulatory requirements at all.

With increasingly strict regulations being applied to the vape niche, we recognise that it’s often absolutely essential that shops can source affordable, top-brand disposable vapes that won’t end up getting them in trouble.

As a result, we only stock a select variety of the most popular, high-quality vapes. When sold wholesale, we’re able to offer these products at a highly competitive rate. That being said, we can facilitate smaller orders compared to a lot of our competitors, recognising that not all shops want to buy thousands of vapes at a time.

We provide an economy of scale to our clients, but at a reasonable scale, not just through huge orders. As a result, we’re able to cater to the demands of a far wider range of customers, not just the biggest vaping stores.

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Why we stock these brands

As vaping has grown in popularity in recent years, the number of brands producing vapes and vaping paraphernalia has absolutely exploded. As a result, it’s become increasingly difficult to work out which brands are trustworthy, offering high-quality products, and which brands are just trying to make a quick buck and shift poor-quality devices.

At Wholesale Disposable Vapes, we only stock a select range of premium brands. This makes the process of choosing which vapes to buy a lot easier for you – we’ve already done the research, which guarantees that any products you buy from this site will be of the highest quality.

All you need to do is work out what flavours people in your area are buying, and then stay stocked in those flavours. To do this, you can start off by getting a broad selection and then place repeat orders with flavours that fly off the shelves.

We take safety and regulatory compliance seriously

The surge in the popularity of vaping products has meant that there’s been a lot more media attention on the subject. A result of this has been an increased amount of attention on the importance of safety when it comes to vaping. People tend to want to use vapes as a healthier alternative to smoking, which means it’s essential that the options they choose have undergone rigorous testing at every level.

Consumers want to buy vapes from reputable brands, so that they can fully trust the contents of the product. All of the brands we stock are globally recognised and have undergone the most stringent testing possible. This means people from all over the world can pop into your shop and pick up a product that they know they’ll enjoy and trust.

Aside from consumer confidence, there have been an increasing number of government regulations put in place to increase the safety of vapes, and it’s imperative that you avoid stocking illegal or unregulated products. The latest UK regulations have clear limits on details like the amount of e-liquid you can have in disposable vapes, at 2 ml, the limits on the size of tanks in refillable vapes, at 10 ml, and nicotine strengths, at 2%.

Failure to comply with these laws can lead to severe legal repercussions, which can be especially damaging for smaller businesses. All of the vapes we stock are fully legal, meaning you don’t have to worry about regulatory issues. They’re all registered, as required, with MHRA, and don’t have any of the ingredients that have been banned in recent years, including colourings and caffeine.

We pay careful attention to these ever-shifting regulatory goalposts, ensuring that we don’t inadvertently stock any products that are no longer compliant, and could result in potential legal action. We recommend to our clients that they also stay up to date on these matters, to make sure that nothing they have in stock goes out of line with what’s currently legal.

Why we focus on disposable vapes

When vaping first kicked off, people mainly invested in more complicated, box mod-style vapes. This style of vaping however is only really accessible to people who are willing to put in a fair amount of time, money and effort – it requires a small upfront investment, and a little knowledge and research.

Part of what’s made vaping so much more popular in recent years has been the increased focus on disposable vapes. Not only are they a lot more affordable, but they’re also far more convenient. They’re fully functional straight out of the package, and when they’re finished, can simply be disposed of.

As a result, that’s where we predict the majority of market growth will occur in the vaping world. We do still stock e-liquids as well, because they’re a consumable item, but box mods themselves tend to be purchased far less frequently as compared to disposable single-use vapes.

Elf Bar

One of the most popular brands we stock is Elf Bar. They’re one of the largest producers of disposable vapes at the moment, and it’s not hard to see why they’re so popular. Their vapes are simple, easy to use, and highly portable – with smooth edges, they simply slip into your pocket until you need a hit.

Elf bars come in a range of different products, with different nicotine strengths. As a result of the new government legislation in the UK limiting the amount of e-liquid in disposable vapes, all of the disposable vapes we stock, including those by Elf Bar, have a capacity of 2ml, or around 600 puffs.

We stock three different Elf Bar products – the original Elf Bar 600, the Elf Bar 600 V2 and the new Elf Bar AF5000.

Elf Bar 600

We stock all 40 flavours of the iconic of original Elf Bar’s range, from Apple Peach all the way to Watermelon Pomegranate . The original 600 range (come out in 2018) is one of the most sold disposable vape devices in the world with its fruity flavours (as well as tobaccos) being ideal for users looking to decrease their dependency on nicotine in a easy to access device. The Elf Bar 600 has expanded its range of flavours many times since its inception and comes in vibrant exterior colours.

While the vape comes in two different strengths, we stock the most popular version that comes with 20mg (2%) nicotine content that are available in packs of 10

Elf Bar 600 V2

The Elf Bar 600 V2 has a similar shape and dimensions to the classic original Elf Bar 600, but has been produced with funky colour gradient exteriors made of metal rather than plastic for environmntally friendly recycling purposes. The internal coil has been upgraded to the new and improved QUAQ mesh coil for improved efficiency and flavour production. The range has over 20 new unique fruity flavours (including new flavours such Banana Mango as well as Blueberry Kiwi that all have a 20mg / ml (2%) nicotine salt content delivering a flavourful vaping experience.

Elf Bar AF5000

The Elf Bar AF5000 is a revolutionary disposable vape device that is capable of producing up to 5000 puffs per device. Its innovative design uses Elf Bar’s QUAQ mesh coil technology to provide satisfying and long lasting flavour and it features an impressive rechargeable 650 mAh battery that increases longevity by up to 8 times that of a conventional 600 puff disposable. This sleek and compact device is also refillable via a 2ml internal pod that can be topped using the attached 10ml bottle provided by simply rotating the device whenever required for up to 12ml of e liquid in total. Available in a range of popular such was Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice and newly introduced flavours such as Pineapple Mojito, the Elf Bar AF5000 is one of the most sought after disposables available and for good reason.

Lost Mary

Lost Mary is another of the incredibly popular disposable vape brands that we stock. Their mission is to create aesthetically pleasing devices that also provide an exceptionally high-quality vaping experience, and their customers clearly agree that they’ve succeeded in this regard.

Lost Mary vapes are especially compact compared to the competition, making them an ideal choice for consumers who don’t want to have the added burden of carrying around a massive device all day long. This was one of the original concerns that limited accessibility to the vaping world, and it’s great that companies such as Lost Mary have provided a genuine solution.

We stock two different Lost Mary products – the BM600 and the QM600.


The BM600 is Lost Mary’s more iconic design. They’re rounded, very small, and incredibly popular for their sleep aesthetic and the smooth vapour they produce. We stock 32 different flavours in the BM600 variety, from Bamboo Aloe to Watermelon Lemon.

The BM600s come in packs of 10, and we stock the most popular nicotine strength, 20mg per vape (2%). They look great, and they’re a nice product to have stocked on your shelves, with their subtle yet prominent colour schemes.


The QM600 is a more traditional design, slightly longer and slimmer than the BM600. It features a brightly coloured central part, with a really modern-looking transparent plastic perimeter. The QM600 is definitely more popular among certain demographics who might consider themselves to be a little ‘edgier’.

Again, it contains 20mg of 2% nic salt, meaning that while it’s reasonably strong, it still provides that really smooth hit that people tend to want from disposable vapes. Most people don’t want that much choice over this, especially if they’re buying it in a shop.

It uses mesh coils, meaning that the intensity of the flavour is truly unparalleled. We stock all 18 of the flavours that they produce, from Blue Razz Cherry to Watermelon Ice. The draw is more constricted than on the BM600 as well, meaning that it provides a vaping experience more akin to that you’d get from an RDL.

Gold Bar

While Gold Bar vapes are a little less well-known compared to Lost Mary and Elf Bar, they provide an amazing alternative. The Gold Bar, one of their most popular vapes, comes with a high-quality mesh coil, and the standard 20 mg nic salt (2%).

The battery is a little larger than the battery contained in the Lost Mary BM600, at 500mAh. This minimises the probability that users run out of power before they’ve actually finished the vape juice inside the device.

We stock a wide range of different Gold Bar flavours, from Banana Ice to Watermelon Ice. These are a great selection to complement those that you’d get from Elf Bar and Lost Mary, providing an excellent way of expanding your shop’s selection for a wider range of customers.


Our SKE products are appreciated for their high-quality, premium feel. The packaging is slightly nicer than with other vapes (but that being said, they’re all quite similar).

SKE Crystal Bar

The Crystal Bar is the same shape as the Elf Bar, but has a totally different aesthetic. The vapes themselves and a square, prismatic shape, and the bar sparkles beautifully in the right light. You can see the battery unit inside, which is coloured depending on the flavour.

We stock 40 different flavours, one of the largest ranges of all of the disposable vape manufacturers out there, from Apple Peach to Watermelon Strawberry Bubblegum. If you’re buying SKE vapes to supplement your existing stock of other disposable vapes, and you don’t want to invest in the whole range of flavours, then it can be a good idea to just order the flavours that sell well in the other brands.

As with the other vapes we stock wholesale, they come in boxes of 10. The nicotine strength is 20 mg, or 2%.

SKE Amare Crystal One

The Amare Crystal One is shaped like the Lost Mary BM600, a more compact flat vape than the Crystal Bar. We stock 16 flavours, with options ranging from Blue Fusion to Watermelon Lemon Burst.

The vapes are made from high-quality transparent plastic, with a subtle underlying colour reflecting the flavour of the liquid inside.


Vapengin produces futuristic-looking vapes with a slightly different aesthetic to most of the other options on the market. While the likes of SKE and Elfbar are relatively simple, monochrome pieces, Vapengin creates vapes with a slightly different take on the disposable vape look.

Vapegin Mercury

The Vapengin Mercury is an awesome-looking vape, with a clear plastic case providing you with a glimpse into the internal workings. Inside, you can see two separate blocks, some of which are both the same colour, while in other vapes, the colours are different.  We stock a wide range of Vapegin flavours, from Blue Razz Lemonade to Watermelon Ice.


IVG have firmly cemented themselves as one of the most sustainable brands in the vaping world. Their technologically advanced disposable devices host an array of innovative features such as unrivalled battery power and multi-flavour options that make their products extremely popular amongst both beginners and experienced users. IVG released the UK’s first TPD compliant 2400 puff disposable vape bar in the form of the IVG 2400, which has recently been followed up by the release of the incredible IVG Smart 5500 bar that provides up to 5500 puffs within a single bar. IVG have made it clear that their devices have been designed to provide a more sustainable experience for both the user and the environment which is why we’re thrilled to offer their products as part of our wholesale disposable vapes collection.

IVG 2400

Hailed as the UK’s first TPD compliant 2400 puff disposable vape bar, the IVG 2400 combines state of the art features with an impressive design to make vaping more sustainable and enjoyable. These powerful disposables are cost-effective, providing the equivalent amount of puffs as 4 conventional disposables within one bar. With a mighty 1750 mAh battery and an incredible range of flavours and multi-flavour options including Pink Edition and Red Edition, the IVG 2400 has been a big hit in the vape world amongst both beginners and experienced vapers alike by providing a sustainable, long-lasting and satisfying experience for all.

IVG Smart 5500

This user-friendly disposable vaping device is taking the world by storm. The IVG Smart 5500 provides an incredible 5500 puffs in a single device to give users an immensely satisfying vaping experience. Available in a massive range of popular flavours including Blue Razz Lemonade and Fizzy Cherry, the Smart 5500 provides an impressive amount of flavour and clouds from a sleek and compact chassis. The large 1000 mAh battery, combined with innovative leak-free technology and inhale-activation makes this device incredibly user friendly with no mess or complicated setup to contend with.

Prefilled disposable pods

For people who don’t want to throw away their vape each time it’s run out of battery, but who don’t want to have to refill their vape with messy e-liquid, a good midway point is to use prefilled vape pods. While we don’t stock the vapes themselves, we do stock the pods, which can be great to keep in stock for vapers who are caught without.

Elf Bar Elfa

The Elf Bar Elfa prefilled pod is one of the more popular prefilled pods available on the market. Each box contains 2 pods, with each pod containing 2 ml of 20mg per ml nicotine. We stock 22 flavours, from Apple Peach to Wild Orange. If you’re going to stock a prefilled pod, this is a great option to choose, especially at our wholesale prices.

SKE Crystal Plus

The other prefilled pod that we stock are the SKE Crystal Plus pods. We stock a range of 16 different flavours, from Blue Fusion to Watermelon Ice. Each box comes with 2 pods, containing 2ml of nic salt at a concentration of 20mg per ml.

Nic Salt E-Liquids

While people don’t buy refillable vaping devices very frequently, users often need to buy e-liquids to top those devices up. As a result, even if your store isn’t a specialist vaping shop, it’s generally a good idea to stock at least a small selection of e-liquids in addition to single-use vapes.

That’s why we stock a solid selection of high-quality e-liquids containing nic salt. We only stock incredibly high-quality brands, including Bar Fuel, Bar Juice, and SKE.

Bar Fuel

We stock 10 of the most popular Bar Fuel e-liquids, from Blue Razz to White Peach. They can be purchased in packs of 10, in either 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength options.

Bar Juice

We stock 31 different flavours of Bar Juice 5000 e-liquid, available in two different strengths  1% (10mg) and 2% (20mg). They’re a popular brand, with a wide range of flavours from Apple Peach to White Peach Razz.

Elf Bar Elfliq

Elfliq is another quality producer of e-liquids, and we stock 20 of their top flavours, from Apple Peach to Watermelon. As with our other e-liquids, you can buy them in either 1% nicotine or 2%, to provide for a wider range of customers.

Elux Legend

Our Elux Legend e-liquids are a premium quality option for shops to stock, again available in both 1% and 2% nicotine strengths.  With a slightly narrower range of flavours, from Blueberry Cherry to Watermelon Ice, they provide a nice alternative to the options listed above.

SKE Crystal

Our SKE e-liquids are another great option to stock your shelves with. With 10 flavours, from Blue Fusion to Watermelon Ice, the slightly different branding approach they’ve taken should allow you to fill out the aesthetic of your selection of vaping products.

What flavours to buy

All of the flavours that we stock tend to be very popular and will often sell out quite quickly. As a result, we recommend that you buy a wide range of options to start off with so that you can offer your customers variety, both in terms of flavours and brands.

Over time, you’ll likely notice that certain flavours sell out quicker than others depending on the kinds of customers you serve and their predominant demographic. With our extremely rapid delivery service, you’ll be about to restock those flavours in no time at all, meaning that you don’t have to have them sitting on your shelves taking up valuable storage space.

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